Robert (“Bob”) W. Keen, Attorney

Bob Keen is the founder and principal attorney of Keen Counsel. Bob Keen has been a practicing attorney for over 27 years, serving in a variety of legal positions, including in-house counsel and private practice. During this time, the focus of Mr. Keen’s professional practice has been in the following areas of law. Corporate, Business & Commercial Law:   Mr. Keen has managed corporate legal affairs and advised businesses of varied sizes and industries. Mr. Keen has provided legal services in the areas of dispute resolution, employment, contracts, leases, corporate finance, regulatory compliance, risk management, taxation, formation, mergers and sale and acquisition of businesses, regulatory licensing, state and federal compliance requirements, lobbying, administrative law, computer law, general commercial law, intellectual property law, state securities law, public procurement procedures, litigation assistance and other general areas of business and corporate law. Estate and Fiduciary Law:   Mr. Keen also regularly provides legal services to individuals and business owners with respect to business succession and transition issues, wills, trusts and estate matters, living wills, gifting and charitable planning, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and other related estate planning matters. Nonprofit Law:   Mr. Keen has been actively involved in providing legal services to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations throughout his professional career. He has advised nonprofits across the country on laws and regulations expressly applicable to nonprofit organizations and has provided legal guidance with respect to general laws having specific application to nonprofits and churches. Mr. Keen has also assisted in the formation of many of these organizations, as both counsel and/or board member.

During his professional career, Mr. Keen has developed an expansive base of experience and knowledge by providing services to many different types of businesses and organizations across a variety of industries and focus areas, such as:

  • Technology, including software and database companies, hardware manufacturers, internet developers and retailers, mobile applications developers and retailers, and technology services companies;
  • Health Care, including doctors, dentists, managed care organizations, health care providers, physician management and consulting companies, and mental health professionals;
  • Insurance, including insurers, brokers and agents, and insurance administrative support and management companies;
  • Finance: including banks, mortgage brokers and other real estate financing companies, financial advisers and securities brokers;
  • Consulting: including licensed professional consultants, architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants and management consultants, staffing and professional recruitment;
  • Real Estate: including, commercial and residential real estate firms, residential and commercial real estate investors, and homeowners and business condominium associations, and commercial and residential contracting and design-build firms;
  • Products and Services: restaurants, caterers, franchisees, lodging and bed & breakfast, retail products, recreation and entertainment services, textile and clothing wholesale and retail, retail shops, outlets and convenience stores;
  • Miscellaneous: electronics manufacturing, light industrial manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and trucking, amateur and professional athletes and performance artists, and video and production companies;
  • Non-Profit: adoption and foster care agencies, childcare agencies, child development and mentoring organizations, summer camps, at-risk youth, under-served community development, women support agencies, churches, domestic and international mission organizations, theater and acting development organizations, and sales, marketing and management trade associations

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